Prime Ministry State Archives (Tabhane)

It is located in the Süleymaniye Complex in Istanbul. It is a 16th century structure and is the work of Mimar Sinan. The courtyard with a portico is one of the most outstanding examples of its kind. Restoration projects were prepared in 2002 and approved by the relevant Conservation Board.


Ottoman Archive Building (Hazine-i-Evrak)

Hazine-i Evrak Yapısı İstanbul’da Vilayet Bahçesi içinde yer almaktadır. İtalyan mimar kardeşlerden GASPARE TRAJONA FOSSATİ tarafından tasarlanmış ve 1846-1848 yılları arasında Osmanlı Sadrazamı Mustafa Reşit Paşa imparatorluğun ilk arşiv binası olarak yaptırılmıştır.


Necmettin Molla Kocataş Yalısı

The owner of this mansion is Necmettin Molla, son of Şeyhülislam Turşucuzade Ahmet Muhtar Efendi. Necmettin Molla, who took the surname Kocataş during the Republican era, bought the Kocataş Mansion in Sarıyer, Istanbul in 1929. This mansion was frequented by many notables of the Republic, including Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The spring water in the garden of the mansion is known as Kocataş Water.

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Tataristan Presidency Palace

The `Governor’s Office Military-Governor’s Mansion’, built between 1845 -1848 on the order of Tsar Nicholas I, is nowadays used as the Tatarstan Presidential Palace. The famous architect of the Moscow Grand Kremlin Palace, K.A. It was designed by Ton in the Russian-Byzantine style of that period and A.I. All restoration and reconstruction works of this historical building, which was built by Peske, were carried out by Odak İnşaat.